Couchmaster® CYBOSS
Couchmaster® CYBOSS Couchmaster® CYBOSS Couchmaster® CYBOSS Couchmaster® CYBOSS Couchmaster® CYBOSS Couchmaster® CYBOSS Couchmaster® CYBOSS

The biggest and comfiest Couchmaster® ever created!

It's finally here: the biggest couch desk ever made! Even more comfortable and with much more space than ever before, the long-awaited Couchmaster® CYBOSS will become an indispensable element of your personal gaming setup! The CYBOSS takes both gaming and home office to the next level!

A comfy fit for every body type


The CYBOSS offers significantly more space between the two soft, covered and washable cushions. As a result, every single body type can now benefit from a comfortable amount of space under the Couchmaster® CYBOSS. Even the most unusual sitting postures are no longer a hindrance when playing or working from home.


It has been specifically designed by gamers for gamers, and continuously perfected to withstand long-lasting and ergonomically intensive gaming sessions and long home office days on the sofa. Postural deformities and back pain are effectively prevented.

Enlarged and improved support surface for even more flexibility

homeoffice-cybossA huge new support surface, made of water-based dark-colored sustainable bamboo, makes the Couchmaster® CYBOSS an insanely chic highlight to any living room or couch. The newly placed ventilation grill in the middle of the support surface allows the laptop and mouse pad to be totally aligned. This leaves enough space for the keyboard, mouse, graphics tablet and other additional peripherals.

With the Couchmaster® CYBOSS, everything stays cool

At the same time, the laptop you use remains continuously supplied with cool air, so that even at high workloads, the GPU and processor remain cool throughout, even when working from the comfort of your bed!

The CYBOSS is also equally comfortable for left- and right-handed users.


Versatile all-rounder

The possibility of storing unused peripherals, memory sticks and other practical accessories or snacks in the attached side pockets has now been doubled with the nerdytec Couchmaster® CYBOSS. In addition, a cup holder has been integrated, making space for your energy drinks, coffee or any other delicacies, and allowing you to reach them at all times.


Good for the Environment

We manufacture the support surface for the Couchmaster® CYBOSS from bamboo, a sustainable and renewable material, which is dyed dark with a water base. This not only makes each CYBOSS unique, but also feather-light. 

Each Couchmaster is delivered vacuumed in an environmentally friendly manner, significantly reducing the amount of pollutants emitted during transport.