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TweakTown Couchmaster® CYCON *Review*

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At every turn, and from every angle, Nerdytec has thought this product through to the fullest extent. There are various models of this desk you can buy, some with less than what is offered here, and a premium line of limited supply with zero through five hundred individual serial numbers and the inclusion of bits made of titanium. Whichever your choice, we can soundly say that the CouchMaster in any form is well worth the investment. It raises the play area to levels which are more ergonomic, and won't cause unwanted pain to the wrists after many hours of use, and more importantly, it does not depend on leg positioning to support the desktop. The desk portion is rigid and strong, the pads are covered in genuine leather, and no part of this product gives you a feeling of cheapness or inadequacy. Everything you need comes in the box, and who cannot take advantage of the four-port USB 3.0 hub once you add in headsets and mobile devices. We also like that the design is adjustable and customizable. Not only does using Velcro allows the arm pads to be moved outward for various sizes of users, but it also makes it easier to store when not in use. One issue does come up with using leather on the armrests though, and that is after many hours of use, you do tend to sweat on them, which does make it slippery at times. Keep in mind; you can also buy mounts for mobile devices which clamp onto the desk, and for those who cannot game without smoking, there is also an ashtray which can be clamped onto it as well. The CouchMaster Cycon may be bulky, but compared to others we have used in the past, Nerdytec hit the nail on the head and delivered the most comfortable lap desk we have used to date. The CouchMaster Cycon is a product you are going to want to make sure you will frequently use before stepping up to purchase it. Due to the cost of such items, we do feel that if you are going to opt for this range of products, Nerdytec has the best idea going right now though. Using high-grade materials, including more USB 3.0 ports than any other we have seen, no need for additional power, and pockets to store extra goodies are always welcomed. So, even though you are going to have to shell out $159.99 through Steiger Dynamics, we feel the price is justified. Even if you are not a gamer, and all you want to do is work comfortable from the bed or the couch, this is still something you want to consider. Yes, there are other products which will assume the primary function of this product, but none of them are as inclusive with options. Nerdytec and the CouchMaster Cycon should be what you strive to own if gaming or working away from the desk is something you can see yourself doing.

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